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And the trophy goes to...

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So I'm guessing here, but I think the big winner of this year's Final Four was college basketball in general.

I think it's good that the very best teams from the mid-majors see themselves as potential Final Four teams.

I think it's good to see teams that aren't revolving door squads succeed--with maybe one or two exceptions, there weren't really any NBA picks in the Final Four this year. And by that, I mean that *teams* actually played well and won this year.

It was awesome to find out that there were 2 Academic All-Americans in the final game.

And interestingly enough, one common feature among all four of the final teams was what I kept hearing as "buy in." Each team had a pretty distinctive style, and the coaches, to one extent or another, talked about how their kids had to "buy in" to that style. Perhaps this is just another way of talking about team instead of lottery picks, but I'm encouraged to see the coaches adjusting to the talent they have, and the players adjusting to that vision of play.



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