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Stop Cubs Stop!

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Oh well. I can now officially begin my personal "Bring A-Rod to Wrigley" campaign, I suppose.

The limited effectiveness of our pitching wasn't really that surprising to me. I think Hill has got a couple of years yet before he's a legit 3rd starter, and I've always been a little iffy with both Lilly and Marquis (who deserved a shot after last year, imo).

What was most disappointing was the dismal situational hitting on display. The DB played like they deserved to be there, and for the most part, the Cubs did not. Neither Davis nor Hernandez is all that intimidating as a pitcher, but the Cubs made them look a lot better than they actually were. If the series had gone on, Lou's decision to lift Z in Game 1 might have been a bigger issue--they played badly enough to make it a footnote.

All in all, though, it was a good season to be a Cubs fan, especially after last year's debacle. And this is a team that should be able to compete annually now.



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