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Not much to report. My access has been nonexistent because I left my laptop in Iowa while I ranged down to St. Louis. Went down to catch a game at the new (if I haven't been there, it's new to me) Busch stadium, and saw the Cards drop a game to the Natty Bumpkins of Washington, including but not limited to a grand slam punched out of the park by one Ryan Langerhans. Nice hit that.

The Cards, they are a strugglin, and I must admit that this doesn't exactly make me sad. The Cubs' bullpen woes, on the other hand, is a topic for head-shakings and hand-wringings. But only occasionally, as I'm still on vacation.

The end of the week should see me headed back eastward, so we'll see if more frequent posting accompanies that.

That's all.


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It's only fair that I acknowledge that old-school Warriors' fans, all three or four of them, have had it far leaner than I have as a Bulls fan. I can't say whether this is the biggest upset ever in the NBA, but I will say that I've never seen a more one-sided, key-to-lock series, where one team seemed designed perfectly to take another apart.

And make no mistake--they were dis. man. tled. Say what you will about soft #1 seeds and 8 the hard way--there is no way that this series should have played out like it did. But it's sure been fun to watch. And I'm looking forward to their upcoming series against Hou-Tah.

That is all.



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