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As we approach halftime of today's Eastern Conference Finals, it occurred to me that the near-orgasmic coverage of LeBron James by the sports media provides the casual NBA fan with ideal drinking game fare. Here are the rules:

Best played with a fair-sized group of spectators. Each time a television commentator explicitly compares LeBron to one of the NBA's all-time greats, one of the group must make an absurd LeBron comparison--if it "works," everyone else drinks; if not, the person him/herself must drink. Turns proceed clockwise.

Here are a few, just to get the juices flowing:

You know, LeBron reminds me a little of a young Casanova, the way he can pretty much score at will.

You know, LeBron reminds me a little of a young Moses, the way he's able to part the sea of Pistons defenders.

You know, LeBron reminds me a little of the artist who created Foghorn Leghorn, the way he's able to draw a fowl.

And so on. The only downside to this drinking game, of course, is having to find out the next day what the score of the game was, since everyone will be pass-out drunk by the midpoint of the first quarter. Life's full of little trade-offs, though.

That is all.



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