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I didn't start blogging last year until the end of the summer, after the SU Intramural Summer Softball season was over, so my Devoted Readers haven't yet had the chance to share with me the glory, agony, and ennui that is summer softball.

So anyway, our team name, in honor of the fact that nearly half of us are currently dissertating, is One Inch Margins. And as has been pointed out to me, yes, technically it should be One and a Quarter Inch Margins, but as captain, I take a little creative license to make it simpler. We lost a number of players off of last year's team, so we're still feeling our way a bit. We were rained out on Monday, but did get a game in today. Thanks to a little bit of pitching trouble on the other squad, we jumped out fast in the second inning and never looked back. Final score? 28-6.

A pretty solid day for me, all around. Hit a couple of doubles on the way to a 5 for 6 performance from the plate, and on the mound, I think I ran one or two people to 2-ball counts, but that was it. No walks, and with the exception of a 4-run inning, we kept the other team pretty well controlled. They had a lot of players new to the game of softball, so it was nice and casual, and it was the first time that we had actually played as a team. Color us 1-0...


How shameful is it that it took Derek's post to remind me to make note of SU's logo, color, and mascot redesign? Well, okay, not that shameful. After all, I've had vastly more important redesign thoughts on the brain as of late.

SU also announced that it will no longer clunk around with Orangemen and Orangewomen for teams--from now on, we're just plain Orange. Oh wait, I mean that we're speedy, competitive, angular, aggressive Orange from now on...



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