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My friend Mark

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Perhaps you've met him, "Mark All as Read." He's the button I push when I don't want to read quadruple-digit RSS entries.

A few people out there know why I haven't been blogging, and why I won't be blogging for a while longer yet. I'm not especially secretive about it as much as disinclined to talk about it in general. And even less to blog right now, either about my current situation or more generally. So. Sorry about that. I'll drop by every once in a while, but I won't be continuing my "cgb by cgb" series until later this summer, maybe once school starts.

And I don't mean this to sound as ominous as it undoubtedly does. The situation in question isn't about me, but it's enough on my mind that it doesn't feel right to spend time here, which is alot about me. That's all.

Check ya.



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