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Just ran out to the car to grab a book, only to discover that the recent cool-down has apparently also pleased our resident bat population. There's something more than a little spooky in seeing a bat fly at you and swerve at the last minute. It's kind of like trying to dodge an oncoming skateboard or bike when you forget that the best thing you can do is to stand still.

That, but with images of befanged vampire bats from bad horror movies flashing in your brain.

Criminals aren't the only ones creeped out by the bats. The BATS!!

That is all.


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This is what my day looked like yesterday:

I was at the office overnight, writing, and left at around 5:30 am.
Came home, went to sleep around 6 or 6:30 am.
Woke up at 11:30 am, left the apt by around 12:15 pm.
Met with one of my RAs (I get 2 for CCCO) for the upcoming year at 1 pm.
Met with dissertation group at 2 pm.
Met with placement group at 3:30.
Worked with one student on homepage design at around 4:30.
Had my 6:30 appointment postponed, so
Went over to Derek's, where we waited for Ph to get home and showered after practice
Went for thai food at around 8, got back around 9:30.
Went back to the office and spent about 90 mintues cleaning up inbox, Bloglines, etc.
Got home just before midnight.

I want you to know that I described this day thusly, as I was deciding what to do after dinner: "You know, I think I'm going to take today off." The next time that someone tells you how lucky faculty have it, because they get summers off, I want you to remember this entry. My days are so chock full of workity goodness that a day with 5 appointments, a day where I don't get home until midnight, counts in my mind as "off."

So the next time someone talks about the lives of leisure that we lead, I'd appreciate it if you would wait until they're distracted, and then deliver a vampire-slaying, wrath-of-God headbutt for me. Really. I'd appreciate it.

That is all.


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If it's good enough for Steve's son Dean, it's good enough for Isabel, too.




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