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A girl after my own heart

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Met up this afternoon with Douglas, Enslow, and Marlo, who were in town over the weekend for a bridal shower. First time I'd met the latter two--Douglas and I were compatriots at the Arlington School back in the day. I tried to see them last month whilst I was in NYC, but my trip coincided with Marlo's birth.

Anyhow, we met up at Starbucks, and spent a nice hour over coffee & tea, and the entire time, despite the yammering of parents and friend, despite the bustle of a campus coffeeshop, and despite the music that's always pitched just a little too loud in the Bucks, Marlo slept like an angel. D & E will look back upon these days with fondness in the months ahead, as I'm sure she won't always sleep like that, but for now, I was pretty impressed.

That's all.

Small consolation

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winter arrives at SU

I hear tell that this is perhaps the latest we've ever gone before our first "hard" frost/snow, but really, that's small consolation when it was in the 60's two days ago, and tonight I had to sweep snow off the car before driving to the store.

Ah well. I do live in the north, and it's not like this is the last snowfall I'm likely to see this year/month/week. I can't really complain, except to note that it always takes me a few days of sub-freezing temps to get used to dressing for it properly and steeling myself sufficiently when I go outside.

No real Lost commentary this week. While I appreciated the backstory for the Tailfolk, it was a lot of time compressed into the episode, and I didn't feel like we got much. There was a different Dharma logo (an arrow instead of a swan), and a hint about the U.S. military. I'm looking forward to next week, when the two groups of castaways finally interact--I hadn't really realized how long it had been since we'd seen some of them...

Who's your uncle?

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Last night, at around 8:15 I think, my nephew was born at a healthy 9.4 lbs. I won't actually meet young Patrick for another month yet, but if some pictures happen in my direction, I'll be sure to post them here...

Congratulations, Tom & Jen!

The opposite of silver lining

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I've come to the conclusion that there is only one thing worse than having your dental work take longer because you are bleeding, and that's having your dentist tell you this in an accusatory tone, as though you were bleeding intentionally.

Don't get me wrong. I understand that there are things that I can do over the long term to cut down on gum sensitivity (i.e., abuse them gradually to inure them to the abuse that they might take in the dentist's office), but there's not a whole lot I can do when I'm under the drill.

I'm just sayin.



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