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Other than a long day tomorrow, and a handful of 711 projects still outstanding, the semester is done.

And partly in celebration, partly in hibernation, I'm going to be taking a 2-week hiatus from the blog, from my feeds, from my department, and so on. If you need to reach me, email is the most likely way. I'll be back on the SU campus during the last week of May, teaching a summer course, but until then, I'll be pretty scarce, and most likely enforcing a strict window on my online activity.

Happy Mother's Day, and I'll see you in a couple of weeks.

sync-o de mayo

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Happy birthsday to Derek, Donna, Kenny B, and Karl. If our proposal gets accepted for next year's CCCC, I'll be on a panel with at least two of them.

On a completely unrelated note, I wanted to toss a link towards Matt Welch's latest article for Baseball Analysts, Watching Dave Hansen: Living Vicariously Through the Career of a Pinch-Hitter. More and more, this country has become a football and basketball nation, with baseball occupying this weird place that's part sport, part business, part mythology. Whether I'm watching games or not, and even if I'm focused on other sports at the time, I'm a lifelong baseball fan through-and-through. I know not everyone comes here for baseball updates, but Welch's profile is worth a read anyway. Hansen's the kind of athlete that I wish we heard more about, regardless of the sport.



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