Ro$$$ Tanner is the Eye of the Tiger

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There's a great entry over at RWW on some new entrants into the web-based resume market. Those of you who are combining courses in professional writing with the juicy goodness of Web2 might want to take a look. VisualCV in particular looks pretty sharp.

Anyhow, CareerBuilder has a section on creating video resumes, and while you have to log in to see most of it, this link should take you to a page that needs no log in. Ross Tanner, who by the way is the eye of the tiger, headlines the "wrong way" column. Check him out. And yes, there's something a little familiar about this page.

Did I mention that Ross Tanner has, like, night vision for money?


This version of Movable Type is not kind to the Google RSS reader. Links don't show up as links; instead I get the a href html.

That was actually my fault. The default style in the interface was some sort of rich text format, and I'm so used to just coding as I write that I didn't even think to check.

When you edit a previous entry, it doesn't resend, but it should be all right now.


"I put the 'H' in HR." Hilarious! Even funnier... I've sat amazed watching hiring committees give people like this a shot because of perceived creativity.

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