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The design doesn't exactly float my boat, but I think that I've reached the point where I don't need to rebuild, at least for a while. It's going to take me a little while to learn the new MT syntax and page styles--it took me way too long to figure out how to swap the positions of recent entries and recent comments on the sidebar, but I did eventually figure it out. MT4 is much widgetastic than MT3: a lot of the templates are basically paragraphs of includes, and little else, which necessitates drilling sometimes 3 or 4 layers deep to find the places I've needed to edit.

First blush, though, is that this is a much sharper version than any that I saw with MT3, so I'm looking forward to messing about with it. That may change once I dip into the style sheets, but we'll see. I can already see, though, how some of the workarounds we developed for CCC Online are going to be supported as features in MT4, so I'm pretty happy about that.

Oh, and commenting. I've enabled anonymous comments, along with a default captcha, so commenting will require clicking on the "comment anonymously" link, and puzzling out a handful of letters. It's a little extra burden, but the tradeoff it represents (no more greenlists, no more junk drawer purges, no more picking through 100s of pending comments to find the few that are legit) should be substantial.

And the auto tag cloud, I'm hoping, will inspire me to be better about tagging my entries as I write them, and to slowly work back through the opening 1000 entries, tagging on the way...

That is all.


I upped from 4.0 to 4.1 on Saturday, and the only drawback I encountered was in the search template. The modularity of 4.1 should make it easier to tune the CSS, only *after* figuring out how all of the template modules are called. For instance, the first errors with the search template showed that it called three missing templates: Header, Entry_Summary, and Footer. And then Entry_Summary called missing modules called Tags and Entry_Metadata. I dropped in a dummy blog so I could port the modules into my existing setup, but all of the styles were off, so I had to adjust those. Probably a better setup overall, but definitely more spread-around-seeming, as you said.

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