Marching towards Madness

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I haven't been talking much about SU basketball, and no entries here, but it's been a pretty interesting Big East season. Again this year, there's a lot of parity, with Georgetown flirting with the top 10, and a whole bevy of teams nipping at the tail end of the top 25. Syracuse finds itself on the bubble again this year too--they beat Georgetown today in what the Sports Leader is describing as a "mild upset" but they got creamed by cellar dweller South Florida this week (they were helped today by the fact that UConn got taken to the limit by USF, though). With 9 losses, they probably have to win 4 of their next 5 and win at least 1 or maybe 2 games in the Big East tourney to have a legitimate shot.

It's a fun team to watch, and I think next year is going to be even better. They've had season-ending injuries in the backcourt, and are starting and playing mostly first-year players right now, and you can see them learning. Sometimes that learning is painful, but I'm guessing that with next year's recruits added to this mix, SU will probably rip off a string of deep NCAA runs. This year? If they make it, it'll be by the skin of their teeth, and I can't imagine they'd be much higher than an 8 or 9. They're a fun group to watch, but it'll be even more fun once they learn to win consistently.

That's all.


I hope SU keeps winning in order to help tOSU's RPI. Right now, that's our best win...until Sunday.

Man, if SU's your best win... ;-)

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