It's alive!

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Tonight, I've finally gotten off my ass and started working on the course weblog for next semester's CCR 711: Network(ed) Rhetorics. Over the next week or so, I'll be posting a number of entries on course logistics. Feel free to take a look, make suggestions, etc.

That is all.

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I'm studying the way Collin Brooke has set up his CCR 711 syllabus in a blog, and it doesn't take more than a couple of seconds' studying to see what genius this is. For a blog newbie like me, this... Read More


I'm fascinated. As far as I can tell, there's no remotely comparable course available at my institution. Will this one also meet in meatspace? Will enough of it be on the blog that others could play along at home?

Krista's raising an issue that others have been thinking about since we heard about this course. Sandra and I are also hoping to play along at home.

i just want the reading list - well renowned in my own mind and previous CGB experience(s)

Looks great!

Thanks for the interest...

Krista, we are meeting in meatspace (meating?), but I've got at least one student (Marcia Hansen) who's going to be "taking" the course at a different institution (as a local independent study), so my hope is to put as much of the course online as possible. Last I've heard, I may have a couple of local auditors, and I may ask them to even blog the class meetings...

That's the longish answer--the short one is that I'm setting this up and encouraging anyone who's interested to play at home...


Can Former-Academics-Now-Sold-Out-To-The-Man play along at home also?

Looks great by the way.

Oooh! I didn't think about doing it as an independent study credit. Hmmm. Might check into that.

Hi Collin--

I'm planning to follow along with the course as much as possible since I'm supervising Marcia's independent study over here in Missouri. Though I've started several blogs, I've never kept one up, so I'm hopeful that this will give me the kick I need to keep in going. Looking forward to learning from you!

That's great, Donna...and you're more than welcome to participate in the course with us--it helps, I think, to have an immediate audience. That's how I got the blogging habit to stick...


And you too, Lori--I'll make you talk more about Gladwell and Burt for us. We'll be drawing on them towards the later part of the semester, but not as much as I'd like...

Sounds great!

Can undergrad dropout's who are Weblog Award nominated participate?

I just like throwing around the nominated part.

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