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Now, I promised myself that, no matter what, I would avoid waxing tragic on the occasion of my birthday. Figuring that the easiest way to fulfill my promise was to simply avoid posting, I almost decided not to. Instead, though, I'll confine myself to a couple of observations:

I've been more conscious lately of how, when you're growing up, birthdays are an occasion to gather people together and to make a big production of things. At some point, for me at least, that sort of flipped. My plan today? Go see a movie, maybe get myself a new pair of kicks, and avoid the department faculty meeting. It's like the difference between freedom to and freedom from. Now, birthdays mean I get permission to avoid big productions and indulge my will-to-hermit.

And like BicycleMark, I tend to be very conscious of the old-man/nerisms that I've started to pick up. For whatever reason, I find myself drifting back to a mild Texas-ish accent from time to time (that's "tahm to tahm," for those of you keeping score). I've noticed that my identifications when I watch tv or see a movie have started to skew older--it's now harder for me to identify straight protagonist. I'm increasingly convinced that life is too short to care about every little detail. On occasion, I find that I'm all right with being the villain in someone else's epic, even at the cost of being the hero of mine. I'm still passionately in love with my own symptoms, at the same time that I quietly disparage others for their own irrational attachments. Blah blah blah. I'm not quite ready to roll my trousers and whine about peaches and mermaids, but I feel older today than I think I did last year at this time (tahm).

That is all.

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Happy birthday, Collin! Have fun and relax today, secure in the knowledge that you haven't measured out your life with coffee spoons. The world's a funnier, smarter place with you in it. :-)

Happy happy birthday!!!

In my Tex-best: Feliz cumpleanos a ti (?o Usted?)!

Funny...I found an epigraph suitable to all three seminar papers sharing my attention just now.

*I'm increasingly convinced that life is too short to care about every little detail.*

Doesn't seem fair that I should be enjoying a gift such as this on your b-day.

*Tips his fake-cowboy hat in the direction of Colin.

And watch out for them packs of teenagers... down right dangerous, they are.

Happy Birthday, Collin.

Lord willin' and the creek don't rise, I might could just wish you a happee birfday, C!

Happy Birthday, boy! Wanna see something really weird? Flashback!

Happy birthday, Collin.

Happy birthday! May you have freedom from Missouri rest stops.

Happy Birthday, Colliwobbles!!!

Sorry I missed it...but I was busy repossessing a car in Phoenix. And being a repoman (repochick?) can be very distracting.

However, there is a certain little something from a certain Gypsy Warehouse-type store that's been sitting on my desk with a stickie on it that says: MAIL TO COLLIN BY DEC. 1ST.

So, please send me your address....or you don't get no birthday presents!

That is all.

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