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I'm about to be in transit, making my way from Austin to San Antonio for CCCC, our big annual convention. I'm trying out Ecto for the first time, since my uplink time promises to be fairly limited. I've held off blogging offline, in part bc I haven't bothered to track down the tools for so doing (although I really only need SimpleText, I suppose) and in part bc I can be compulsive about blocking out a set amount of time for blogging without letting it blur into the rest of the stuff I do. So much for that. We'll see.

Spent the last day or two resting up post-SXSW, picking up Bruno Latour's new book, buying some decorations for my apartment, doing laundry, sipping margaritas with Jenny and Diane, deciding that Deadwood is worth at least a couple more episodes of my attention, rooting against #1 seeds and for Syracuse, and storing up as much sleep as I can for San Antonio.

All in all, a good beginning to my trip.

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