My CCCC experience thus far, expressed as a list of bad habits, and presented in the order I foresee breaking them

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  1. using the whole room (Lori arrives tomorrow)
  2. not bothering to shave
  3. pulling caffeinated beverages from the minibar (instead of going to Eckerd)
  4. paying top dollar for margaritas at dinner
  5. losing my room keycard (1 down, 1 to go)
  6. forgetting that people I haven't seen in a year don't "know how it goes" in my life
  7. spending hours in hotel bars
  8. staring just a bit too long at people I think I recognize
  9. overpromising my time
  10. paying for wireless access in the hotel
  11. awkward conversational pauses
  12. blogging

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