SXSW, Day 3-ish

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Well, it only took a couple of days for SXSW to kick my ass. As we were making our way over to Stubbs last night for Polyphonic Spree, we passed by Elysium, where two women were handing out the following:

Japan Girls Nite front

Japan Girls Nite back

I'm nothing if not easy. Jenny and I headed out tonight and started at the Elysium, so as to catch Tsushimamire. It was actually a pretty fun set, and I recognized about half the words to "Camaboco," thanks to hours spent watching Iron Chef. (means "fish dumplings," does Camaboco...) We stuck for a bit to catch the first few songs of Kokeshi Doll, but made the mistake of moving up towards the stage, right in front of the speakers. Ouch.

Jenny forgot her wristband (we had to turn around, go back, and get it).
I forgot my camera (hence no concert shots).
We both forgot to bring a band schedule.

In short, neither of us was especially primed for a full night of shows. We trekked over to Mekong River, a good Vietnamese/Thai place, and I had a noodle bowl. Having already begun yawning, and then with a belly full of noodles, it became clear that I wasn't long for this evening. Jenny dropped me off and headed over to a shindig at Owen and Jodi's place, where she is as I type this. Shiva is racing around and poking through my suitcase, and I'm leaning towards an early bedtime.


The sad thing posted this at 1:22 am...and said you were leaning towards an early bedtime....but I guess that WAS early compared to the two nights preceding it....

That's not so sad a, having to get up early--that's sadness...

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