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Quadruple Take

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Which I suppose is what two double-takes add up to:

DT#1: It wasn't until after tonight's episode that I discovered that I should have been watching the Hanso Foundation commercial for their "call center" number. And then, it was too late. It was only luck that I saw the commercial itself in the first place, since I was flipping to TNT during the commercials to catch the score. I'm assuming that the number will be on the boards pretty soon. (Visit the Hanso Foundation site, and sign up for the newsletter, and you'll see what I mean.)

DT#2, of course, was Michael getting all Manchurian on their asses. Now that I know that I have at least a couple of laggers reading, I don't want to spoil Season #1 stuff that I know they haven't gotten to yet. So I won't. Except to say that (a) it's starting to feel like some things are sliding into place, and (b) that didn't stop tonight's ending from causing my jaw to drop.

That is all. Good ep.



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