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But now are found?

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Thank goodness, Lost is back. And not a week too soon. Although one of these days, I need to talk about this season's telefetish, Prison Break. Still, Lost returned tonight, and we hung out mostly with the folks from the tail and some of the secondary characters. Not a lot of breaking plot news, except for Shannon taking a bullet. And I'd already caught that news on the spoiler boards (bad bad bad).

We also got another sighting of Walt, speaking backwards. What does he say? Someone recorded it and reversed it (thank you internets!): "They're coming and they're close."

In terms of the overall story, I was a little surprised that they dropped Shannon, but then, I'm not sure that she was going to contribute much beyond what she had. Now, there's instant friction between Ana Lucia and Sayid, which is hinted at at the very end of the episode. Flashing back for a character about to leave us, though, felt a little unnecessary, I guess. Shannon's character never really acquired the depth for me that others did. I felt bad for her, sure, but really, she didn't seem to grow much between being cut off by the wicked stepmom and landing on the island. Unlike some of our other flashbacks, instead of complicating Shannon, hers seemed more like rationalizations. Maybe there'll be more to her--she's not technically dead yet, and the "one of them will be lost forever" tease could refer to the Tail woman (Cindy) who disappeared. Actually, that makes more sense to me, given how incomplete Shannon feels.

All in all, pretty solid episode, moving us along in a few different ways.

One other quick note: Wendy's has been running these commercials where kids use some new Wendy's burger to hypnotize--the first one I saw was one where a kid Wendies his dad into letting him have the car and come home late. But they ran another one tonight where a kid first uses a burger to convince his friend to let him date his sister, and then he goes to the kitchen and uses a burger to get her to go out with him. Is there anyone else who finds the parallel here with date rape drugs a little creepy, tasteless, disquieting, etc.?

I probably shouldn't say anything--every time I complain about a commercial, I get the grammatically challenged blogtrolls a visiting, but oh well. I can always close comments.

That is all.



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