Wishing you a happy St. Lunardi's Day

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According to legend, St. Lunardi was a 14th century monk, who inaugurated one of the most violent traditions in the history of Christendom. Drawing inspiration perhaps from knightly tournaments, Lunardi would, once a year, select 64 of his colleagues to participate in the Great Feast. Invitees were asked to gather in groups of four at select locations throughout Europe, whereupon they were to bludgeon one another until only one remained conscious. The winners of these "pods" were rewarded with lavish desserts (hence the moniker "Sweet Sixteen").

The sixteen remaining participants were then redistributed to four secondary sites, where they repeated the process, leaving only a final four. Having survived their respective brackets, those four were invited to join Lunardi at his home, where they endured a third and final test of their fortitude, once again involving copious pummeling. The last person standing was then invited to share Lunardi's feast, all the while listening to the 834 verses of "One Shining Moment" as performed by the finest bards in Europe.

While the Feast of St. Lunardi itself takes place over several weeks, involving the ongoing consumption of large amounts of snacks, the holiday itself takes place in modern times on what is traditionally the Day of Selection, where Lunardi would announce which of his colleagues would be participating that year.

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