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Still not really feeling like talking about it, but I should mention that I just had a very nice conversation with Kent Williamson from NCTE.

And by very nice, I mean that I had a chance to explain what all has been happening from my end, and he had a chance to explain where he thought communication had broken down. I definitely left the conversation feeling a little better than I had, and that was good.

I know that there are at least a few people who have been writing on my behalf, forwarding my post, etc., and I thank you for that. And now I'm really going to go think about other stuff for a bit. ;-)


They really need to make that conversation public (to a certain extent) if they want anyone else to apply for those positions. Right now, they don't seem trustworthy.

But it's great that you feel a better about things.

Hopefully they can come around to see the value in the work you were doing. It's a shame to not have the resource.

Dang, That open id. hrrrgramph. I appreciate the long post of your troubles and I'm sorry that happened to you, but I must say that, unfortunately, that I'm not surprised. It's not that I feel as though the NCTE is unethical compared to other organizations but rather that oftentimes organizations in so far as they should always have a professional face, can often act like petty individuals.

Keep your head up, champ. A big postive--you're book's coming out, right? Though maybe even less time consuming, way more valuable than a website.

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