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A few notes, each of which could be a longer entry, and may still be, depending on my mood this weekend:

-Kindle rhymes with swindle: why I won't be indulging my gadget fetish on Amazon this holiday
-Poster sessions at MLA: a good idea whose time may not be here yet
-The likelihood that 3 or 4 of my least favorite NFL teams will be vying for Superbowl spots this year
-The gratitude that the Texas Rangers must be feeling for Scott Borass, now that they no longer have to subsidize the AL MVP's presence on another team
-Communication As..., my new favorite book
-Web3.0? Seriously? (A strong maybe)

We'll see. Happy Day of the Turkey.


I've been attending a series of gatherings on semantic interoperability in e-government (don't ask) for about 2 years. One of the principal buzzwords there has been Web 3.0 and, yes, even "blogjects" (no idea, but I want one. Oh, I certainly want one). So yes; Web 3.0, whatever-in-the-hell that is, is coming. Check Wikipedia if you don't believe me . . .

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