It was a dark and snowy Friday

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One day a year, the world goes topsy turvy, and transforms into a place where everyone abides by my sleep cycle rather than vice versa.

Yes, it's Black Friday, and JCPenney opened at 4 am in what must have been a pretty punishing schedule for JCP employees. Me? I was up anyway, so I decided to go. I got new sheets, a nice blanket, and stocked up on some winter gear. I did indeed bust down the door to savings.

My plan was this: rather than go right at 4, I figured I'd wait a bit, until after 5, when many other stores (Macy's, Best Buy, Sears) were opening. That way, reasoned I, the JCP crowd would have thinned out somewhat. Maybe it did, but damn, it sure didn't seem like it. The parking lots were packed to capacity, the lines were slow and long, and there were a lot of worn-out looking people dashing about.

Two women wore matching red and green elf costumes. Nothing I could say or write would make that funnier than it actually was.

I got 60% off of everything I bought, so that was good. But in all, it was kind of claustrophobic, and there was already a fair amount of rude going on. Not an experience I'm likely to duplicate soon.

That's all.


You are a brave man. Most of the time, I'd rather pay more than have to deal with the crowds and the rudeness. I know someone who went shopping this morning just so she could "be a part of it all." {{{shudder}}}}

"I did indeed bust down the door to savings."

I LOL'ed.

The sales were pretty substantial, so I can understand why so many people do it, but to be part of it all? I don't really understand that, I guess.

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