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I know. It's hard to argue that I'm "back" from hiatus if I'm only posting once a week.

I've got tons of stuff going on right now, though, and much of it isn't especially bloggable, I suppose. One of the background processes that's taking up a lot of spare time is my upcoming pseudo-move. They're going to be working on my building in a month or so, and so my rental company is going to move me to another building for a month and then back (they'll be working on that other building after they're done with mine). And that means that I have to spend the next couple of weeks slowly dis-embedding myself from the space I've occupied for four years now. Ugh. And I don't even have a supernewbiggerbetter place lined up to provide a light at the end of the packing tunnel. I'm going to end up in the same damn place.

I will probably make some decisions, though, about how embedded I want to be upon my return. I've filled up about a dozen boxes so far with books that I'm mentally filing into long-term storage, and I'm doing what I can to be a little more willing to pitch the junk.

As happy as I am about that, it hasn't helped for this to be going on while I'm teaching another grad seminar, working on dissertations, getting CCC Online going, revising my book manuscript, etc. I assumed that my schedule would lighten up after the semester ended, and if anything, it's been even worse.

And the blog, it suffers as a result.


That *is* a pretty depressing scenario, Collin. I hate, hate, hate packing--and to think it's all going to end you up in the same place. Makes me sad, just thinking about it.

Ugh. The move is still draining me, C. It sucks. Before you move, will you puhleeze gimme a call? I want to hear about your business first hand!

Love ya.

Moving is no fun. So buy yourself some new toys to play with when you get back! And/or new furniture. Or paint a few rooms. Or all of the above.

But don't apologize for a hiatus. In fact, you promised one earlier this year that never materialized. We all need time off the wire(less), if for no other reason to give our fingers and wrists a break.

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