Deictic Systems?

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One of the projects that I've been slowly working on has reached a stage where it's ready to receive some critical attention. Those of you who were at my CCCC presentation will have heard some of this before--I took part of my talk and expanded it quite a bit, and it's scheduled to go "live" at Computers and Writing Online next week. However, it's been tough for me to make time to read the presentations daily, much less respond to them, so I thought I'd make mine available over a slightly longer stretch.

It's called "Weblogs as Deictic Systems," which may be the most direct title I've ever placed on a piece of writing of mine. It's still kind of drafty, but you're welcome to take a look. I went ahead and published it via MT, so that you could comment on individual sections, so please do. My ultimate goal is to work it up into something publishable, so any feedback (positive or negative) is welcome in that regard...

That's all.


What a coincidence! I've been working on "Weblogs as Dietetic Systems," which argues that my snack intake has actually gone up since I began blogging...

Nice! It'd probably make a great partner piece for my other article, on weblogs as dianetic systems, which draws entirely on the work of L. Ron. :-)

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