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Nope, not yet. Every time I get to thinking that I might go and see it, I flip on the tv and see Chewie (& the whole gang by the end of the commercial) whoring for one of the cell providers, Yoda whoring for Diet Pepsi, Darth Vader whoring for BK, etc. Hell, Toyota's even got Phil Jackson dressing up as Obi-Wan. For someone who's as reportedly as controlling as Papa G, he's clearly pulled out all the stops in an effort to (a) make all of the money in the world before it's over, and (b) ruin any sort of integrity the saga once held. Oh wait, that's right. Pod races. He's still clearly trying to make all the money he can, though. Hell, I could probably get Boba Fett, or Wedge at least, to pose with me for $20 at this point.

Maybe, I'll ease out of hiatus by, once a day, posting the funniest lines I can find:

The general opinion of “Revenge of the Sith” seems to be that it marks a distinct improvement on the last two episodes, “The Phantom Menace” and “Attack of the Clones.” True, but only in the same way that dying from natural causes is preferable to crucifixion.

That's from the New Yorker, and the review as a whole has put me back on the fence. I know that it won't be worth full price, although it might have been Wednesday night had I just gone to make fun of the costumed. But now I'm torn about shelling out matinee price, too.


Stay strong. Don't do it. It can only breed disappointment and contempt. Oh yeah, and crowds. I just hate crowds, too. (Says she who has attempted to avoid and gotten sucked into the last two films of the prequel only to be irritated by all of the above.) But then again if the Force now is all about the capitalist dollar, if we go and spend our money, can we then say that the Force is with us?

I had planned on avoiding SITH, and probably still will, even though the reviews are surprisingly strong. (I can be a review whore. If something gets good notices in the NYT and the Voice and the Chicago Reader and the like, I feel obligated to check it out. Usually...) I totally agree about the saturation marketing and tie-ins. But historically, STAR WARS was the film that changed how American films are marketed, with the Burger King tie-ins and action figures and breakfast cereals. So we're all just kind of reaping what Lucas sowed 23 years ago. Only bigger.

Making fun of the costumed didn't really help all that much. Most of them weren't born when Return came out. The best part about the whole affair was that people were respectful and didn't talk and nobody's cell went off during the film. So I guess it was a good movie. Are there calls for improvement, sure. Was it worth seeing on the big I had a good time, got to see the movie, but I've been so non-plussed by this recent trilogy's lack of character development that I wasn't really into it. This movie does a lot better on that front, but that's not saying much considering the previous two were excruciatingly flat. I will say this, I was stunned beyond belief that that cute little Annikan kid didn't turn out okay. That dark side is powerful stuff (though the dark side peanut M&Ms are disappointing).

Does getting excited about this episode make me a stooge? I hated the first two. Actually made me quite angry. But Sith looks so cool! The darkside! THE DARKSIDE! It's the moment I've been waiting for since I've been a kid. I hated Luke and his goody two-shoes routine. The darkside stuff appealed to me so much more. Aren't you curious how the Emperor's teeth grew so rotten? :)

Wrong you all are; a good and fun movie it was...

I've been a fan of the whole Star Wars thing since I was a kid when the first one came out, so there was no way I was not going to see this last one on the opening weekend (though not opening day-- no camping for me). Plus I've got a 7 year old and a sci-fi wife who also have a lot invested in it. So of course we had to go and I wrote about it a bit on my unofficial blog, too.

Basically, I liked it. Quite a bit. I think it may even be better than what is generally considered the best of the series, The Empire Strikes Back. Yeah yeah yeah, the dialog is problematic at best, the acting is kind of stiff, etc., etc. But I like how they went about getting us to the fourth episode (which I still think of as the first movie) and it really was nice 'n dark. The bad guys are always more interesting.

Of course, I thought episode 1 was so-so and that episode 2 was okay. And I cannot tell you how many times I have seen episode 4 and 5 (though I still think #6 is pretty crappy).

One way or the other though, if you have any interest in seeing it at all, it's definitely worth seeing in the theater. The special effects really require that full-throttle movie house experience that no "home theater" can really provide.

Don't worry; give into the marketing. Go see it.

*i* thought the costumed were precious. and you gotta love when people are excited enough about a movie to cheer, applaud, AND shut up for dialogue. so i thought it was totally worth the money, and the midnight. plus, it's prompted a great deal of in-depth, alarmingly academic jedi/sith theorizing the past week that's been fantastic to participate in.

if we're posing for pictures, though, i'm in w/you on standing w/wedge. he was always my favorite.

Anthony Lane's review in the New Yorker was one of his best. Along with the bad-movie hangover stil lingering from SW #5, it's kept me away as well. But, I will see it eventually.

The best lines I've heard about the whole SW Franchise was at work the other day. One of my Developers said "I wasn't even born when the first Star Wars came out."

A 28-year long saga. Now that's a Career move.

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