Oh. My.

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1 mystery solved, 1 plot foiled, 1 open hatch, 1 bizarre kidnapping, 1 horde of Rimbaldi zombies, and, um, "My name isn't really Michael Vaughn"?!?!?!


That's all.


I know. So typical. So so Alias. Ooof.

A great night of television. J.J. is awesome, even if he did deploy the Star Trek you-are-not-a-main-character-going-out-on this-mission-you-gonna-die scenario in BOTH shows. Still awesome and shocking deaths, so I will forgive him.

I cannot wait for the premieres!! Who TF were those people on the boat who kidnapped Walt? Will Nadia make it? Will character-formerly-known-as-Vaughn and Sydney make it?

I wonder if Vaughn once worked for the Alliance of Twelve and was perhaps the gunman who killed Danny?

Will we ever see Irina again? BTW, I loved the Jack-Irina teamwork there toward the end. Flawless!

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