Waiter, there's a long tail in my humble pie!

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Clancy, with a quick question regarding celebrity weblogs, reminds just about every one of us who blogs in academia exactly where we land on the food chain:

Total number of comments on the March 21st entry at Zach Braff's weblog: 1296
Total number of entries and comments generated in over a year and a half at my blog: 1292, counting this one

I don't mean to make it sound like Clancy's question was purposefully humbling. I was just struck by the "closeness" of the numbers.

And no, I'm not pinging Braff's site to see if I can inch ahead of his entry. I'm just sayin...

That's all.


My blog has no posts.

Wait a second--then how did I leave a comment there for you?

There's an idea to make big bucks--ghost write blogs for movie and other stars. I don't believe someone in that business is going to journal him/herself.

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