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In the words (and diacritical marks) of Gawker, I present to you "Theory župeržtar Slavoj Žižek and his žexy new bride." There really is nothing I could add that would make the photo spread any more entertaining. Except perhaps to say that this doesn't appear to be an April 1 post. Oh, and the commenter at Every Morning... who asks for Z's email address--I always get a little chuckle out of those...

That is all.


From the page where this photo appeared:

"y al novio, con su look a lo Don Johnson de traje claro y remera negra"

Does this mean I should hum Jan Hammer tunes while reading The Sublime Object of Ideology?

What a lucky, lucky woman. I mean just LOOK at him!

Actually, I really don't know why any of us should give a rat's ass. I hate celebrity theorists.

(The Giant of Ljubljana my ass! She's as tall as he is!)

I don't know that I give a rat's ass, but I look at him and realize that maybe there's hope for me, if I can just write 8 or 9 more books and use the words "sublime" and "ticklish" in at least one of the titles.

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