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It was on in the background, but I wasn't really watching. Instead, I was working, and every so often, I'd check in over at Chuck's live-blog of the thing. I didn't see them handing out awards in the aisles, I didn't hear any of Rock's standup, and by and large, I didn't feel as though I missed all that much.

Striking to me was the contrast between the two best actor speeches. Swank sounded like someone who'll never be back (I'd like to thank my lawyers?!) and Foxx sounded like someone "who's been somewhere."

They could have given me 10 minutes of Charlie Kaufman, and it wouldn't have been enough. It would have been a deal-breaker for me had he not won this year for best original screenplay, but only slightly more shameful is the fact that it was only his first Oscar.

Finally, I haven't seen MDB yet, and I'm not likely to see the Aviator anytime soon, so I can't speak to the Director/Picture sweep except to say that it's becoming clearer and clearer that Oscar loves Eastwood.


I saw MDB last night, and it was actually really good. It lived up to the hype (for me, anyway). I already knew "the big secret" to the movie, and it was still amazing. People clapped and, at one point, the whole crowd did a kind of unanimous squeal. It's worth seeing in the theater.

haven't seen mdb, either. i think i know how it ends, yet i still want to see it. i may need to check it out.

didn't hear swank's speech (i was doing the same in and out, working and not really paying attention thing) but i did hear foxx's. was moved by his attempts to try and get somewhere.

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