i was only three years dead

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I'm confident that you'll join me in not thanking Derek for passing this along. Honestly, I haven't been earwormed that good by something on the web since I tracked down the spongmonkeys' moon song. At least with the llamas, I don't scrape the heck out of my throat...

In other news, I'm adding three more blogs to the 'roll. George Rhinehart is the technological wind beneath the Writing Program wings here at SU. Paul Bender is an asst. professor at Ohio Northern, having defended his dissertation in the nick of time this past summer. And finally, Sharon Boggon is a Ph.D. student at Australian National University who "examines personal sites as a hybrid genre linked to traditions of autobiography and self portraiture," and also participates in a group blog on new media, underthesun. Give em each a visit...


Yes, I read that entry in Derek's blog, too. Only I didn't have a negative reaction, because I'm already obsessed with earworms. The latest manifestation of this obsession: when I get up in the morning, I'm opening iTunes and putting in a special file whatever song was in my head when I woke up--which of course often means I have to dig through our CD collection and first upload the song. And sometimes, like today, it means I just can't figure out who recorded the song or what its name is--even though I remember all the lyrics. (That's how badly infested I am by earworms.) And then, as I accumulate 1.3 mb of em, I make a CD. Tom sez it's musical Freudianism.

thanks collin I appreciate the link

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