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You take a couple of days off from the blog, y'know, cuz you just don't feel like writing, and pretty soon, the threshold starts to climb, the threshold between blogging and not-blogging, and you start to read other things in your aggregator, thinking that, hey, you could blog about that, but then the self-doubt comes, and you think, yeah, but is that really important enough to blog about, I mean, if it were, you could have blogged about it yesterday or the day before, but didn't, and anyway, you're not sure that you really know enough to add anything beyond another damn link, and really, where's the value in that, I mean, there's got to be a point to your writing beyond just dropping links, right, and then threshold really starts to loom, and pretty soon, it almost gets ridiculous, it gets to the point where you're just looking for any old thing to break the streak, a streak that you really didn't intend to start in the first place, you were just taking a day or two off, nothing mysterious about it, or at least you don't think so, but what if you were sending yourself subconscious messages about how much time the blog's taking up, and what if you just bowed to the forces of blogspace, and let your aggregator climb over 100 entries once in a while without panicking about it, I mean, really, what's the big deal about that, cuz it's not like you haven't clipped like 20 entries already, intending to do something with each and every one of them, but letting them fade into the background instead, and now, blogging them or sending them feels like sending out christmas cards in February, which as we know, is not exactly the height of manners, but then again, it's not as though blogging should have to be about manners, I mean, it's your space, with which you should do as you please, even if it means breaking the looming threshold of blog silence with windy, run-on sentences, and an "obscure Chinese proverb" from McSweeney's:

He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask remains a fool forever and yet appears much wiser than he who asked five minutes ago.

that is all.


Is this Woody Allen or Collin? If this is Collin, then, don't worry about it buddy! Everyone deserves a break. If this is Woody Allen, um, tell Sun Yi to eat a burger or something.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Every once in a while, it does a body good to channel a different voice. Chalk it up to a mild wrestle with insomnia which has been going on for the last week or so...

Also interesting to think about how many blogs went into a spell of silence after November 2, even those that hadn't been talking much directly about politics. I mean, 49% of the country is just, well, depressed.

Enjoyed it a lot, especially your "sentence" and the proverbs.
Having a little insomnia myself--maybe it's cosmic and not the drugs.

omg, I have been thinking the same thoughts in a less witty manner, but I haven't gotten such an entertaining fortune. Thanks for sharing yours.

It totally sucks that the election tragedy happened on the downhill side of the semester.

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