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In addition to these handy plaques detailing Iowa's history (in this case, the various "utopian experiments" in this part of the state), Iowa rest stops are supplied with wireless networks, which is where you're getting both this photo and the commentary. Very strange. It's hard for me to imagine that someone would be so desperate for a connection that they'd actually trot out a laptop at the rest stop. Then again, that's what I'm doing now. I'm on I-35 S, a hop skip from the Missouri border....


I've been there! Right in front of that sign! (We drove back and forth through Iowa six times while moving between AR and MN this summer.) That's a lovely rest stop, but I never did feel the need to take advantage of the wifi.

And oh my god are the IA rest stops so much nicer than either Missouri, or Kansas so far. I stopped at the one on 35 south of KC, and I think there were all of two lights. It was actually a little spooky.

You're right - IA has the very best rest stops I've ever seen, closely followed by MN. MO and AR ones are horrible, and in AR you hear about someone getting murdered at one at least twice a year. TX ones are okay, and some of them carry on the Tile Art tradition that you also see in IA.

I can't believe I'm having a learned conversation about rest stops. I think I've been on the road too much this year.

Krista, for when you write an essay about this, here's an article from eTrucker (perhaps a reason for wireless rest stops?) that rates rest stops, truck stops, road quality, etc.

I've got to think, though, that there's a better, more comprehensive rating of rest stops out there. If I were independently wealthy, liked driving a lot more than I do, and had time to burn, I'd write it myself...heh.


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