Theo's Java Hut

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Theo's Java Hut

This was my first coffeehouse, or at least the first one where I became a regular. This was back during the early 90s, when I was deciding whether or not to return to grad school (having been pretty burnt out by my first stint). In fact, one of the baristas here, Robin, became a really good friend and talked through it all with me, ultimately helping me decide. I think Robin has since gotten married, and may still live in the QC, but I don't recall her last name (it used to be McAteer, I think).

Anyhow, Ted (the owner) was one of the first people to try and open a new business in what at the time was a pretty depressed downtown area. Now, downtown D'port thrives, with all sorts of new construction, and the tearing down of all the old, dark, brick buildings replacing them with much lighter, more modern looking structures. New restaurants, new shops, new life. It's a much different place from the one I left about ten years ago...


I don't remember the coffee shop, but I do remember there being an old-time hardware store. I remember walking through it a few times and just loving all the cool stuff. Is it still there?

You mean K&K over on Grant St. in Bettendorf? If so, it's still there, I think.

Hey, love the pics. Keep bloggin the trip.

The motorcycle, the American flag, the neon "OPEN" sign and a coffee cup: doesn't get much more American than that, Collin.

I made my first cross-country trips in the early 60s when McDonald's was spreading to every small town everywhere. That sense of sameness (the mauling of America) was depressing. Nice to see that lots of towns now are reviving the local places.

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