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Oh no

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Lately, I've seen a post or two about the recent upgrade to Apple's iLife package, which includes GarageBand 2. I didn't muck around much with GarageBand 1, because the installer disk I was using didn't seem have all the requisite files on it.

Now, I know that that sweet installer disk was simply looking out for my best interests. The new disk had everything I needed, installed iLife perfectly, and allowed me to take a dangerous trip into the inner workings of GarageBand.


Like I needed something else to distract me. So anyways, here's my first GarageBand track. Keep in mind that

  • I have no real verifiable musical ability
  • some sounds are included purely on the basis of the appeal of their names
  • I'm just fiddling with it
  • I have no real verifiable musical ability

I almost didn't put it up, because I do know of at least one occasional reader who has real verifiable musical ability, of which, if I haven't mentioned it recently enough, I have none. So be forewarned. Oh, and it's like 13 MB, and soooo not worth it to wait for a dialup download. Believe me.

Update: No, I didn't find any verifiable musical ability, but I did finally figure out how to export it into a much more manageable file size. Try this version, which is only about 1.1 MB.

Update 2: By popular demand, I present to you the the second track from my upcoming album. And by "popular demand," I mean my own compulsion to spend an hour playing with GB this morning. It's roughly the same size, I think, but this track goes for more of an ambient feel. It's also a little less percussive.



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