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Haven't felt much like running a full post lately. Had a couple of ideas, but have had more pressing matters. In the interests, though, of turning the calendar over, I present to you a list of half-bakes:

Blue Moon Trading Co.: I almost wrote a love letter to Nomar yesterday, and thanked him for coming to Chicago. If the Cubs make the playoffs, it won't just be Nomar, of course, but the shot in the arm that he represents will have given them a spark, I suspect. And Shawon-o-meters aside, he's the first Cubs shortstop we can be excited about since Ernie Banks.

MT Courseware: Like Liz, I'm glad that I've waited out changing my blog software. We're now figuring out licensing for MT3, and the features peek over at 6A confirmed my hopes for the features upgrade. And the fact that Liz will be upgrading her Courseware as well made my decision that much easier.

DNC: Much to my surprise, I went cruising over to iControl, my on-demand movie service through digital cable. Well, that wasn't the surprise. What was was that they're offering videos of all the major speeches from the DNC--and for free. I suspect they'll do the same for the RNC, but I must say that it was nice to be able to see Obama outside of a 2-inch Quicktime window...

1 Down, 2 To Go: The second of three dissertation defenses comes tomorrow for me. It's four, actually, but the fourth is a couple of months away, unlike these ones, which are set up 3 in the space of 12 days. It's a powerful lot of extra reading, and I'm happy to do it, but it's tough to layer that on top of my writing schedule.



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