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I disapprove this message

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It's been a while since I've seen W's commercials about how Kerry will raise taxes on the price of gas, and I'm assuming that this is no coincidence. Tonight, though, I caught a new one, about how Kerry is "playing politics with national security." The irony of that is too easy when the commercial itself is about the Patriot Act.

Anyhow, the commercial basically explains that wiretaps, surveillance, etc., are vital tools in the war against drugs, but that Kerry, who now stands against the PA, would deprive us of said tools in the war against terrorism. I know, I know. Again, really easy to point out that the difference is not whether or not the tools can be used, but rather the degree of latitude and accountability law enforcement encounters upon their use.

The point I thought I'd raise here, since I know that there's undoubtedly a horde of GOP staffers scanning the web for mentions, is that the Bush campaign might want to reconsider the wisdom of running commercials in upstate NY right now extolling the virtues of the Patriot Act. Or Portland, for that matter. Problem is most of the successes (and I assume that there have been plenty) are invisible, and that only heightens the visibility of the abuses and mistakes.

No big conclusion. It was just ironic to see this commercial for the first time after hearing about Kurtz and Mayfield for the past couple of weeks...



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