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There's an open thread over at 43 Folders, specifically on the topic of giving good presentations. A lot of it is stuff you'll be familiar with, and perhaps this is too, but in the comments, someone writes

No one will ever feel better about a presentation than the person giving it.

For whatever reason, that really resonated for me, given how little I like to speak in public. Hmm.

(Bonus linkage: Presentation Zen. Thanks, Liz!)

Bonus reflection: Would it also be fair to say that

No one will ever feel better about a course than the person teaching it.
No one will ever feel better about an article than the person writing it.
No one will ever feel worse about a meeting than the person chairing it.

I'm pretty sure that I have experience contrary to that last one. Heh. Don't we all? But it's interesting to me to think in these terms about the other things that I do on a regular basis.



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