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McCloud revisited

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After whining about not being able to go to Rochester today to see Scott McCloud, I learned that in fact, he's coming to Syracuse on Wednesday, in an event remarkably free from any sort of local promotion. Not only that, but it's at a time on Wednesday that doesn't conflict with any meetings. Not only that, but my copy of Making Comics (Amazon) arrived in time for me to have him sign it.

Not only that.

Update: Not only that, but I'll get to see Art Spiegelman the following evening. I'll probably bring in my copy of In the Shadow of No Towers for signin', mostly because I think Maus I & II are boxed up somewhere...

Comic zen

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There are days where I wish I could do more with Garr Reynolds's Presentation Zen than just send adulatory links his way. But oh well. He has a great piece on translating Scott McCloud's work on comics into presentations. Maybe it's more accurate to say that he's talking about learning from comics when it comes to presentations. Either way, as I gear up for what will be several talks this year, I'm going to keep going back to PZ over and over as I plan out this year's presentations. You should, too.

Update: It is a conspiracy. McCloud is giving a talk next Monday in Rochester, and where will I be? Yes, that's right. At a faculty meeting. AARGH.

Jorge Cham coming to SU

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Local fans of Jorge Cham's PhD Comics should be aware that he's coming to campus next week (Wednesday at 4 in the Maxwell Auditorium). Unfortunately, I've got myself scheduled for something right smack during his talk, and it's not something that I can sneak out of in order to get a color print of the above signed, much as I might like to.

Instead, I'll just continue to settle for the b/w copy I've got right below my nametag (on my office door), and the certainty that there has never been a more accurate portrayal of the core truth of my life as an academic.

That is all. Later on this month, Art Spiegelman is speaking, and I'll try to catch/blog that...



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