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One of the downsides to leaving the office of Graduate Director is, quite literally, leaving the office of Graduate Director. You might recall that, upon taking the office as my own, I had the good fortune to install wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling shelves:

Collin's big wall of books

Well, four and a half years have elapsed and surprisingly to no one, I've purchased a book or two in the interim. While my students were examining yesterday, I started boxing:

Boxing up

Now, to be fair, a couple of them were already full of stuff. But that's 15 boxes so far, and the result?

Fall of the Wall

And it should be noted that there is no other office in our department, save one perhaps, with the shelf space I have. So I've got a long ways to go yet before I can be said to have vacated my present office, and an even longer process of figuring out how to manage my stuff in a smaller space. Joy.

On the plus side, I'll have a window that (a) is not sealed for my protection, and (b) opens onto the outside world. So there's that.

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