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They should embed a video clip of Andrea Kremer's post-game interview last night with Brian Urlacher. You could see him twitch when Kremer asked a question that was based on the premise that last night's game was an upset, then when she finished the question, Urlacher said, with a totally straight face:

"It wasn't an upset to us."

All the talking heads picking the Bears to finish 3rd or 4th in the Norris this year should take note--this team may surprise a few more favored opponents before the season's over, if last night was any indication.


I didn't watch the whole game, but the Bears defense looked simply amazing, and Manning equally out of touch and gimpy. The Colts miss Jeff Saturday, too.

Yeah, it was definitely a good time of the season to be hitting the Colts--they're going to look a lot better in a few weeks.

But it was a nice reminder, too, of what the Bears' D can do when they're not racked with injuries--it wasn't a complete accident that they made the Super Bowl two seasons ago.

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