A Lunch Counter History of Composition

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(With apologies to Byron, whose book is at the top of my reading pile and thus whose title has been staring me in the face for a couple of weeks now)

Monday: In my heart of hearts, I'm really a BLT person.
Tuesday: Y'know, with a glass of milk, the BLT is really the optimal combination of food groups.
Wednesday: I wish all my restaurants served BLTs.
Thursday: Just because the BLT is the special doesn't mean that it is special.
Friday: What if BLT stood for a Bun, Lump Crab, and Teriyaki?


BLTs and milk??

I used to love BLTs as a kid. I still sometimes get the veggie/soy bacon, which really isn't that bad, and I fix myself BLTs. They really are foolproof, especially with a lot of mayo.


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