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With the timely demise of MMVII, I figured it was time to tidy up my playlist of songs from the last year, and burn them to a disc. As you may recall, this is an annual ritual of mine, where I trot my increasingly-it-seems-more-inclined-towards-indiepop musical tastes for friends and enemies alike to see. This year's mix went on a test drive with me to Iowa over the holidays, and after a few tweaks, I have deemed it suitable for sharing:

the playlist for my 2007 mix

Officially, I'd like to encourage everyone to go out and purchase each of the CDs upon which these songs appear, to assemble your own parallel playlist in a legally acquired copy of iTunes, and to burn it on a blank CD for private use only. Or you could just leave a comment and/or drop me an email.

As in past years, these aren't all songs released over the past calendar year--that's just when I happened to start listening to them. And no apologies for the fact that my tastes are different from yours--that's the risk you run. And just so's we're clear:

a panel from Cat & Girl

That's all.


In some ways I feel more up-to-date musically this year and in some ways I feel like I fell behind. There's just too much music out there and I found myself keeping comfort in my favorites.

I played the Hell out of Wilco, Rilo Kiley, Margot and the Nuclear So and So's, St. Vincent and Ted Leo's new albums but found myself not really looking for too much other stuff.

This is a great list. I listen to the Once soundtrack quite a bit and I've been meaning to check out Feist and Vampire Weekend, as I perk up every time I hear them on KEXP.

Like Dylan, I like Ted Leo's latest quite a bit.

i just started an audio essay class and am looking fwd to the students' assignment for Tuesday - mixes that introduce themselves to me (which means a hell of a lot of music I've never heard of). They laughed at my limited iPod selections in class, so they are educating me as much as I hope to educate them. Thanks for the mix list. I'll add it to the grand musical re-education of Cheryl. :)

Send me a copy?

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