10 things that would make "Southwest Airlines" and "productivity enhancement" a little less oxymoronic for me

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1. Less than 2 hours waiting in terminal
2. Seats wide enough to accomodate typists whose arms don't originate in their rib cages
3. Tray tables capable of holding more than 1.6 lbs.
4. Leg room enough to lower said trays
5. Outlets, outlets, outlets
6. Sad bags of peanuts replaced with free office supplies
7. Spill-proof beverages
8. Replace in-flight advert-zine with copies of Getting Things Done or bound archives of 43 Folders
9. Merlin Mann is my co-pilot
10. Enough with the stupid commercials


Speaking of commercial, if I have to listen to that Jeep "Rock me, baby" song one more time, I'm going to do something dramatic that I later regret. It fills me with a genuine sense of rage.

Dude. Singing animals are actually a little worse to me than talking animals. I change the channel.

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