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I'm assuming that the issues themselves are going into the mail soon, but if you visit the NCTE site (which I seem to be doing a lot lately), you'll find the most recent issue of CCC available, which includes the Re/Visions piece from Anne, Jeff, and I.

The issue index is here, and the article itself is available here. You'll need to be a subscriber to download it, though. If you want a free copy of the Janangelo article, it's available on the front page of the CCC Online Archive.

I'm just heading out; otherwise, I wouldn't violate the rule against deictic linking. Sorry about that.


For those of us playing along at home, what is "the rule against deictic linking" ?

I try and write so that the links fit into the text itself--back in the day, it was considered bad form to link the word "here" like that.

But that's probably just me being faux curmudgeonly...;-)

Deictic words are like here/there, now, etc., words that refer directly to the context of inscription.

Thanks much. I'm guessing that the rule came about because otherwise:

a. the ideas in online texts would become overwhelmed with technical directions;
b. faux curmudgeonly professors would not be able to curmudge.

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