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Apropos of nothing in particular, I thought that I'd let you know that my sports viewing over the past couple of weeks have inspired a couple more moratoria (you might recall my rant, which remains woefully disobeyed, on doing the math):

First, I would appreciate it eversomuch if people would just get over the fact that (a) they're in the background during a baseball game, and (b) they can call home on their mobiles, and wave at someone while they're in the background. I mean, seriously. Is being on TV such a big freakin deal nowadays that every shot of every batter in every game has to have 2-3 morons yapping on mobiles and waving at the camera? Really? It's distracting and it's pathetic. Stop.

And second, I am pleased to announce that sportscasters (looking at you, Madden) who pronounce peripheral as though it were actually "periphial" have achieved for me the same level of displeasure that I register whenever I hear someone talk about "nucular weapons."

And yes, I take this stuff far more seriously than I should.


Can't agree more. I was at a concert this past weekend (all right, the Genesis reunion tour--there, I said it), and noticed the same annoying tendency. At one point in the show (ok, during "Throwing it All Away"--said it again), the cameras scanned the crowd while a large video screen behind the band showed a real-time montage of faces in the crowd. I have never seen people more excited (and, curiously enough, more willing to lift their shirts) than I did during that 5 or so minutes. My favorite reaction, though, came from no fewer than three fans, who, after seeing themselves on the big screen, tried to take a picture of the screen with their cell phones. "Here's me watching Genesis watching me watch Genesis." Totally awesome...

Right there with you.

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