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I thought I might mention three items of marginal interest, all of which have to do with the number 1000:

First, I think I'm going to perform a drastic redesign on the ol' site, but I will roll it out to coincide with my 1000th entry. That entry is a ways off yet, seeing as that I'm only floating somewhere around 900. But if timed right, I can waste some time in the late summer bedazzling the joint.

Second, I've finally crested the four-digit mark over at Library Thing. I've been taking it more seriously lately, and making slow, steady progress. I put in a little extra push today to put me over the 1000-mark.

Third, and most importantly to you, you might recall that, with my 1000th comment, I ran a little contest for the person who left my 1000th comment. The prize was an item off the winner's Amazon Wishlist, paid for by me (Jeff won a copy of Steven Johnson's Everything Bad is Good for You, if I recall.). Well, I'm getting perilously close to 2000 comments, so I figured that it was time to break out the contest again.

This time, though, I should note that I'm somewhere in between 1900 and 2000, so flooding my post with one-line "Did I win?" comments will not really work--my spam filters will most likely catch you, and if it doesn't, I will. But it's more than a few away from 2000, so I expect the winner to come sometime soon, but it's hard to say when, so that strategy is not likely to work anyhow.

I will try to post more regularly over the next few days, so you don't have to write the 50th comment about Syracuse's NIT berth, and I will try to keep an eye on the junk filter if you haven't commented here before. And I'll announce the winner once he or she has hit the magic number...

That is all.


Well, I know I didn't win, but you'll never get to 2000 if *someone* doesn't start.

Do I get another chance later?

Did I win?

Yes, you get another chance, and no, Derek didn't win.

"Be excited. Be. Be. Excited...We've got a winner!"

Seriously though, what a great excuse for setting up an Amazon Wishlish.

Thanks for sharing LibraryThing, its a fun addiction. I've been tagging books as I use them in my prospectus--1000 seems so far off (I've made it to 34). I've also tried to write brief reviews for any five-star books. Really brief.

Did Derek win?

prediction: comment number 2000 will come from some schmoe while we're all at Cs refusing to pay for wireless. Do I win for a prediction? I don't have a wishlist, but you can buy yourself something from yours if I win.

Did I win?


If the 2000th comment comes from a schmo, and if we're in NYC when it happens, I will reward that person grudgingly and I will buy you a book that you don't even realize that you want! You'll stick it at the bottom of a pile of other stuff, where it will sit, untouched, for almost a year, and then, out of a sense of guilt, you will pick it up, vowing to give it 20 or so pages, just to see, and you'll be unable to put it down, whereupon you will write a blog entry praising my exquisite taste in books. And if that all happens, then you'll have to buy me something off my list.

I love me some commas.

Hey, I won't be at C's. Does that make me a schmo, whether I win or not?

Why doesn't Debbie have a wish list?

I'm pretty sure that not being at CCCC isn't enough to qualify you as schmo, Chuck.

As far as Debbie not having a list, well, umm, she just hasn't transferred the list in her head to Amazon yet?

And no, Derek still hasn't won yet.

Buy Debbie something from my Amazon wishlist. Will you be mad if the 2000th comment comes from banal discourse about the 2000th comment contest? Also, how do you feel about ODU making the tournament when Syracuse did not? Remember, we beat Hofstra.

Chuck, I haven't presented at Cs in eons, so no I hope not being there doesn't make anyone a schmo.

I don't know why I don't have a wishlist! I just have all these 'items saved to buy later.'

I'm interested in the comment-to-spam ratio you're seeing here; if Debbie's last comment (above) is #20,457, and you have 2,000 real comments, that's about 10:1. On my weblog I'm looking at 18:1. Whee...

Well, I can tell you that, in the last 36 hours or so, I got about 100 messages added to my junk folder, all crap. So that sounds about right to me. MT does a pretty solid job of screening out the garbage, so I don't have to deal with it if I don't want to. But it's there, and presumably affecting my comment count...

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