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Yes, I am a hardcore Mac enthusiast, but to be honest, I find the Mac vs. PC ads hit or miss. Part of it is that Justin Long (Mac) is a little too smug, and I think that John Hodgman (PC) is high-larious. But the new Vista commercial makes me laugh. It's a simple concept, and in a few lines, they manage to boil down a difference between the two operating systems in a really clever way. I'm certain that it's more complicated than that, but I almost don't care. Nothing in the commercial is wasted, from the visual minimalism to the final, mournful "Allow..."

Anyhow, I spend (it seems) an entry a month bemoaning the idiocy that passes for marketing these days, so it seems only fair to point out the good on the rare occasions that I come across it.


I think Mac's smugness is perfect: a self-deprecating nod to the smug Mac users who write "Windoze," etc. But his shirt should be tucked in, or at least pressed. The Mac OS isn't visually sloppy.

I think its funny that the "Mac" actor has been in a ton of other acting gigs and the only thing that fans come up and ask/bug him about are these ads.

Wonder if him being in the new Die Hard movie will help him shake this "Gilligan" syndrome.

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You know, it's odd that the PC character is more memorable than the Mac character--I know John Hodgman, but I wouldn't rceognize Justin Long in a million years.

Still, this particular Mac vs. PC ad works well. Next time I get a computer, I'm buying a Mac. I promise.

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