Snow day? Really?

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I've been telling folks that the winter here has been a pretty mild one, when my personal metric, the number of times I have to shovel my car free, is applied. Hasn't happened yet.

That's about to change. We're looking at close to 2 feet today, I've heard, and the winds could get up to 30-40 mph later today. For the first time in 6 years, SU declared a snow day, canceling all events (inc. classes) that begin later than noon or so.

I don't expect to make it through the winter up here without a few such days, and today will not disappoint in that regard. So it'll be a hermitty day round these parts, maybe even a couple of them.

And in other news, happy HWP Day...

That is all. Stay indoors.


thanks, CGB!

I will tell you that when the U of I closed, I was impressed, but I was shocked to hear that Syracuse closed. Wow.

WIU has had two snow days here this winter, which never happened before. Both times the issue was storm timing: snow began late at night and continued well into the morning, making driving very tough. We got eight inches Monday night and Tuesday, and lots of drifting; some parts of my driveway were a foot under when I shoveled out today.

I guess you're seeing the same storm now....

Sounds like the same system. It started late last night and never really let up (still going as I type this). That and the 20-30 mph winds has made it pretty nasty out there. It took me an hour today to move my car from one side of the street to the other. Ugh.

We're just to the west of where the storm turned into a blizzard, so what we've had today has been officially deemed "heavy snow." Two feet of it.

wimps wimps wimps wimps wimps wimps wimps wimps

You are all describing a typical day around here in the U.P. The only snow day we have had so far was the day someone held up the bank downtown and then his getaway car was stuck on the main street when the police shot out his tires, concurrently with a blizzard. So it wasn't technically a snow day but a "you can't get anywhere because the central road is blocked so please stay home ok?" day.

Get yourselves some plows, eh?

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