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What you do not know is that I spent the last week on a secret mission, penetrating deep into the heart of country music territory.

What you may not know is that Jewel is apparently on a mission to return to the spotlight.

What you know is that I was greeted upon my return by the incessant snow and bittercold temperatures.

What you should know is summarized with eerie prescience in a short film called "Le Grand Content." If you remember my artcrush on Simon Evans from a couple of years ago, you'll understand exactly my fondness for faux infographics like these:

screen shot from Le Grand Content

More soon.


omg, that was a beautiful film.

You've reminded me that I had a dream the other day that you were getting married in Baja, CA. That is a place, isn't it? It was weird because most of the dream was you and me discussing the best way to have a wedding and reception and how to get good presents. Just thought you needed to know that and that it needed to be on your blog. :)

I love the Venn diagram blog that inspired Le Grand Content as well.

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